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Garden Services:

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Regular care keeps your garden looking healthy and professional.
With in-depth knowledge of plants and their cultural requirements, soil requirements and amendments, watering and drainage needs, here are some of the services I provide:


  • Annual and seasonal inspections to assess for maintenance and design needs to keep your garden healthy and beautiful.

  • Seasonal and routine tasks – clean-up, weeding, dead-heading, pruning, transplanting and dividing plants.

  • Proper plant selection for your specific garden aesthetics and climate.

  • Garden soil preparation and amendment.

  • Correct planting and placement of plants, trees and shrubs.

  • Expert pruning of trees and shrubs.

  • Treatment of plants, trees and shrubs for diseases and pest infestations when necessary


Vacation Services:

I am available to care for your garden and house plants while you are away on vacation.


Garden Coaching:

Do you love gardening but wish you had more knowledge?  I am available to work with you side-by-side to help you gain understanding, develop your gardening skills and to get work done!

Marigold deadheading photo.jpg

Deadheaded flowers

What are the differences between 
a gardener and a landscaper?

Most property owners have used the services of a landscape contractor.  A professional gardener focuses on a very different level of plant care than a general landscaping service.  A professional gardener has specialized training in areas such as botany, soil science, advanced plant identification, plant cultural requirements, arboriculture, advanced pruning techniques, as well as plant disease and insect identification. A general landscaper may have these skills but their focus is on basic upkeep of your property as a whole. This might include leaf and debris removal, cleaning, and mowing and fertilizing lawns.  Can a gardener do these tasks as well?  Yes -- but there's nothing like a lawn-care professional to take care of your lawn, for instance!  Get the right person to do the right job.
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Proper care of ground covers along with weeding, edging

and mulching gives your garden bed a professional look.

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