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Understanding the design process from inspiration to installation

Do you have a clear idea or no idea at all of what you want for your garden landscape?  In a consultation visit, we will discuss and assess all options.

Site Review

We will take a look at your existing landscape and gardens and see where new ideas might fit in.  We will also take an inventory of existing trees and plants. 

Initial design and planning stages

In the initial planning stages, I will present sketches to represent the future look of your new design.  Along with the sketches, I will present suggestions for plants, trees and shrubs.

Making decisions, making plans

Once ideas emerge and solidify, we will discuss plant selection, cost, selection of installers, and timelines.

Drawings and documents

With ideas solidified, while staying open to needed changes along the way, I will complete a plant list and draw plans for installation.


With completed design plans, we are ready to install your new garden and landscape features. Depending upon the size of the project, I can usually do the installation.  With larger projects, we will arrange for installation with contractors and trades people.  I am available throughout the process to advise installation.

Himalayan birch.jfif

Beautiful Himalayan birch (Betula utilis jacquemontii) make a striking statement along this fence in a small urban garden.

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