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Meet designer and professional gardener, Francesca Holinko

Designer,  horticulturist,, and professional gardener Francesca Holinko, received her training at the New York Botanical Garden's School of Professional Horticulture and the Boston Architectural College.  

Francesca draws her inspiration from her years at the New York Botanical Garden and the many talented designers and gardeners there.  Francesca studied both design and the history of design with world-renown teachers and designers such as Lynden B. Miller, Marta McDowell,  Francisca Coelho, Brian Sullivan and William Einhorn.

Horticultural training at the NY Botanical Garden is rigorous and demanding.  From proper plant selection, "right plant, right place,"  proper soil preparation and amendment, proper care of plants, shrubs and trees, as well as aesthetic considerations, Francesca learned from the best.  Francesca is also a certified arborist.

With her training and expertise, Francesca can evaluate, design, install and maintain  your garden landscape to provide lasting beauty and harmonious aesthetics.

FH and group looking at plan.jpg

Reviewing garden design documents with colleagues Jared Jaffe (of Harlem Horticulture, NY) and Chris Freimuth (of CFGardens, NY)

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